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Hello Healthy Jew,

Welcome to my about page, where I’ll briefly introduce myself and link you to everything that’s happening at Healthy Jew.

My name is Shmuel Chaim Naiman, and I live in Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel.

Here’s who I am:

  • 35 years old guy

  • Orthodox Jew

  • Torah student & rabbi

  • brisk walker, hiker, and runner

  • health teacher

  • foraging guide

  • founder of Healthy Jew

  • husband of Tamar

  • father of Avital, Eitan, and Achiya.

Healthy Jew was born in January 2023 on the Substack platform as a weekly email newsletter, The Healthy Jew, which I send every Sunday morning (7:00am Israel time) to thousands of subscribers all over the world.

So before we continue, make sure to subscribe here (the free plan is fine for now):

Great! Now you’re on your way to discovering Jewish wellness and the Land of Israel, which are really the same thing, because Israel is the healthy body of the Jewish people.

Here’s the next step: if you didn’t get here from healthyjew.org, I suggest hopping over there now to get a quick preview on the 3 main ways I can guide you to Jewish wellness and the Land of Israel. Or you can just click these links for far more detailed posts right here on The Healthy Jew:

  1. The Healthy Jew newsletter and online community

  2. Foraging walks in Israel

  3. My book, Land of Health: Israel’s War for Wellness


Finally, here are a few more important links:

For any questions, comments, or complaints, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at contact@healthyjew.org.

Be well,

Shmuel Chaim Naiman

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